Valentine's Day Cupcakes

February 14, 2015 2 min read



Happy Valentine's day from all of us at Mexican Vanilla! I'd love to share this adorable recipe from Sweet Tooth. These adorable Valentine Cupcakes feature a hidden heart in the center. Honestly, I just couldn't resist, I had to try them.





This recipe isn't specific to how the vanilla cupcakes and frosting are made, just that they are made. I fell in love with the recipe from 52 Kitchen Adventures' New Year's Eve Champagne Cupcakes so I came back to that. But really, use whatever recipe you are comfortable with and works well for you. 







I'm silly and used butter that hadn't quite warmed up all the way. Do yourself a favor and just use softened butter. (Don't be an impatient baker like myself.) 




The honeymoon phase I have with my mixer isn't over yet. I have baked for far too long without one and I will never take it for granted ever again. 



This is where the party really starts. Here we put the batter in two parts to make the heart for the center. I used way too much! I didn't even use a quarter of this when I finally baked it. So don't go completely crazy for this. 





I was a little unsure about this part because it seemed a little strange. I put my trust in the recipe and went for it. This baked for probably 15 minutes and came out just right.





I had to get a little inventive here. Without cookie cutters of any kind, I just kinda cut out each heart individually. Not to mention, there was so much cake left over I had to snack on it while the cupcakes were baking. (I regret nothing.)





Rub your hands together and get ready for the next best part (after my mixer, of course). Line the bottom of each cup with just enough batter to hold each cutout up. Time to put some heart into these cupcakes. (Add a little TLC, too and nobody will blame you for it.)







Once each heart is placed, begin covering up the rest of it. (I should have probably filled my cups a little higher.) If I was to do this again, I would probably cover the heart completely just to be safe.





And voila! The cakes came out wonderfully moist and the frosting was like the cherry on top. And of course, the little hearts in the center were cute to boot as well. 





Be sure to catch this recipe over here: Sweet Tooth: Valentine's Day Cupcakes




Did you try this recipe? Post the results below!


Do you have any favorite Valentine's Day recipes? We'd love to hear about it. 




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