Is your shopping cart secure?
Absolutely! Our shopping cart system is provided through Shopify.com, and all credit card payments are processed through Authorize.net. When your credit card is transmitted to us, it is SSL encrypted. Your credit card is initially charged or declined by Authorize.net, and we never actually see your credit card number. Therefore we DO NOT store your credit card number. We are an Authorize.net verified merchant.

How long does an order usually take to ship?
Orders will be shipped out between 1-3 business days. Weekend orders are processed Monday morning.

When can I expect to receive my order?
As soon as your order ships you will receive an email containing a tracking link that will allow you to track the progress of your order. Typically, orders take about 5 business days via UPS ground. It is a bit faster if you are on the west coast, as we are closer to the west coast shipping hubs.

What shipping methods do you offer?
Our default shipping method is UPS Ground. But if you need it there faster, we do offer UPS 3 Day, UPS 2 Day and UPS Next Day service. Please call for a quote.

Do you ship to Canada (or other countries)?
Sorry, we no longer ship internationally.  The shipping and tariffs have become too costly and unknown on smaller quantities for our online orders.  If you are interested in purchasing bulk quantities for distribution or wholesale, feel free to contact Blue Cattle Truck Trading Co directly via email to amy[at]bluecattletruck[dot]com, Amy is the Blue Cattle Truck global sales representative. 

Is your Vanilla really Imported from Mexico?
Most definitely! The vanilla is grown and produced in luscious southern Mexico. It is then imported in mass and bottled here in the U.S. Why bottle it here? By importing, then bottling in the US, the consistency of the vanilla can be verified and tested before it is bottled. This is an FDA approved process. Bottom line: The vanilla is raised and produced in Mexico then bottled according to U.S. food standards. All of our vanilla is Coumarin Free.

How does your vanilla compare to (insert competitors product here)?
Ours is better of course, and ounce for ounce a much better investment!

What Color is your Vanilla?
Our Mexican Vanilla is a dark amber color. The bottles the vanilla comes in are clear, so the pictures we have on the site accurately show the vanilla’s color. We are sometimes asked about clear vanilla. And for those of you seeking it, please know that real vanilla is never “clear” no matter what the label may tell you. If it is clear, then it is synthetic. True vanilla is amber colored. Yet don’t assume that if it is amber colored that it is true vanilla either. Synthetics can be colored, yet tend to be murky, either from the coal tar from which they are produced or from caramel and red food colorings. The best way to determine quality is price, true Mexican vanilla is not cheap!

What is the shelf Life of your Vanilla?
If you keep it stored out of the sunlight and away from the heat of your stove, then it will last a long time. Exactly how long is a very good question, as we never have had a bottle sit too long, since we ourselves use it in everything!

I have a website. Can I become an Affiliate?
Yes, please send an email to dave[at]mexicanvanilla[dot]com asking for more information.

Do you charge sales tax?
Only on Utah orders.