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Vanilla grows naturally only in Mexico thanks to the melipona bee population. Deep inside of Veracruz Mexico, the Canosa family worked away cultivating the perfect vanilla. That’s where founders Molly Anderson and Sherry Dixon come in. The rest, we can say, is history. Together they established the Blue Cattle Truck Trading Company in 1999 to share the precious Canosa family reserve of vanilla with the entire world.


So why the Blue Cattle Truck? Well, back when Molly and Sherry were in high school they rumbled to class every day in a blue cattle truck. It was either that, or walk. It’s easy to see how a vehicle like that could potentially ruin a reputation at school. How could anyone miss that truck with it’s Ford build and wooden sidings over a thick metal body? But Sherry and Molly embraced it. In fact, it became an icon of their friendship as well as their business.


Our journey to share our vanilla takes us everywhere. Next week we will be representing the Blue Cattle Truck Trading Company in Jackson Mississippi for the Mistletoe Marketplace. Behind the event is the Junior League of Jackson, a group of women dedicated to improving the Jackson community. The Mistletoe Marketplace holds other events as well such as the Rudolph Race, a raffle, as well as the chance to take pictures with Santa! We’re proud to be a merchant with the Mistletoe Marketplace and look forward to meeting everyone there. Keep checking our Twitter and Facebook pages for more updates.



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La  Donnia Dyess
La Donnia Dyess

November 07, 2014

I love your vanilla. I am down to a 1/4 bottle so I just bought 2 more of the large bottles from our little local store in downtown Newton, Mississippi.


November 07, 2014

Best vanilla, best owners, best service!!!

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